Mediterranean sea fishing weather forecast in Israel

Fish Out is a website specialized for predicting weather conditions like wave height, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature and tide on the Mediterranean sea coast of Israel, mostly for fishermen (but not only...). Charts and widgets are based on information that is generated by measurements from various sources. The primary reason to create this site was the idea to get the information quickly and easily without wild clicking a button while searching for info all over the internet.

Important: The predictions you can see on this website are definitely not official weather forecasts. What you see is just raw type data in human readable format, the choice is yours how to interpret it. Please note that models are only models, predicting weather is very hard task and these models are extremely complicated, if the forecasts aren't perfect, it's normal.

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2/26/2020 12:38:18 PM



Wind direction:95

Mediterranean sea water temperature

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